As an international enterprise involved in international energy cooperation project, the development of the Company cannot be made without the care of the Myanmar and Chinese governments, concerns of the shareholders and the assistance and support from the peoples of both countries constantly.  As operator of the Myanmar-China Gas Pipeline Project, the development of the Company also experienced three development phases, i.e. the Preparatory Phase, Construction Phase and Operation Phase:

Preparatory Phase

    The intention to implement cooperation in energy field was proposed by Myanmar and China as early as in 2004. In March 2009, the leaders of  government of both countries officially signed the Agreement for the Construction of Myanmar-China Oil and Gas Pipelines, which signifies the approval of the Myanmar-China Gas Pipeline by both governments and also mean the preparation and establishment of the company was put on agenda. Since August 2009, the shareholders made a series of discussion and negotiations and reached unanimous  consensus on the Shareholder Agreement, Rights and Obligations Agreement of the gas pipeline company, articles of association and place of incorporation, which laid a foundation for the establishment of the company.

Construction Phase

     In June 2010, the Company was registered and officially established in Hong Kong, China and exercised management over the Myanmar-China Gas Pipeline Project. In the same month, witnessed by the leaders of both countries, a series of cooperation agreement concerning the Myanmar-China Gas Pipeline Project were signed and became effective, and the Myanmar-China Gas Pipeline Project were officially commenced and it also signified the shift from the early preparatory phase to the overall construction phase. Main tasks and focuses of the Company are safe and efficient construction of the gas pipeline. On May 30, 2013, the construction of Myanmar-China Gas Pipeline Project was completed.

  Operation Phase

     On July 28, 2013, as the flare at the Namkham Metering Station is ignited, the Myanmar section of the Myanmar-China Gas Pipeline operates and officially starts to deliver natural gas to China. Six shareholder’s representatives from China, Myanmar, Korea and India jointly participated in the ceremony of transporting gas of Myanmar-China Gas Pipeline at Mandalay, Myanmar. In December 2013, the Myanmar-China Gas Pipeline Project entered into the operation phase.