The company Held Excellent Myanmar Employees Commendation Conference and Performance Report Meeting

On the afternoon of July 4 th 2019, the company held the Conference of Commendation and Performance Report Meeting for Excellent Myanmar Employees at the headquarter in Mandalay, Myanmar. First of all, the meeting commended the Excellent Myanmar Employees who have been working diligently in various departments and positions of the company and making positive contributions to the development of the company.

Subsequently, 8 representatives of Excellent Myanmar Employees of 2017 and 2018 from different departments and positions of production assistance, financial management, general management and port management of the company exchanged their typical experience. Before the meeting, the company specially compiled the deeds (English version) of 18 excellent Myanmar Employees for 2017 and 2018, distributed to participants and media reporters, and distributed 2 management books to each of the award-winning excellent Burmese employees, encouraging them to keep learning and improve their comprehensive quality. At present, SEAOP/SEAGP has a total of 898 local employees, and the localization rate has reached 80%.

The company is constantly adjusting and improving the localized employee training program according to the actual situation of local employees. In the future, the company will continue to provide a stage for local employees to grow and become talents through a series of training and training measures and striving to build a more excellent, professional and international local talent team.