SEAGP/SEAOP Selected Outstanding Myanmar Employee Representatives to Visit China for Studying

In order to further strengthen the training of Myanmar employees and improve the management level of local employees, from May 28th to June 6th, SEAGP/SEAOP organized the first study activity for China of outstanding Myanmar employees of the company.

In the past 10 days, 9 outstanding Myanmar employees have been awarded the title of “Excellent Employees” in recent years from management, technology and other positions visited Kunming, Shanghai and Beijing in China. They have been in close contact with Chinese culture and learn about the world’s advanced knowledge about technology, pipeline and corporate management.

In 2018, Myanmar-China oil and gas pipeline fully entered into operation period. The timely development of this activity is an innovative attempt by the company to speed up the localization process. With the development of Myanmar-China oil and gas pipeline business, the local staff training will continue to increase. In the future, more talented and ideal local employees will be enriched to the management and technology positions to make a bigger contribution for the development of company.