SEAGP held Optical Fiber Cable Skills Training

From February 24th to March 1st, 2019, the Optical Fiber Cable Skills Training jointly organized by the SEAGP’s Communication Automation Center and Training Department was successfully completed in NayPyiTaw Office.

A total of 19 Chinese and Myanmar employees from the SEAGP’s grassroots units participated in the training, including 5 Chinese employees and 14 Myanmar employees.

In order to ensure the expected results of the training, SEAGP hired the instructors who have the professional theory and skills from the third-party (Ocean Wave Company) to teach Chinese and Myanmar employees in Chinese and Myanmar bilingually, and organized on-site operations and drills.

After the examination, the participants who participated in the training were all qualified and obtained the training certificate.

During the training, SEAGP also selected 6 outstanding participants to commend, which effectively stimulated the enthusiasm of the participants to learn, and laid the foundation for the safe, stable and efficient operation of the Myanmar-China Oil and Gas Pipelines.