Myanmar and Chinese Employees of SEAOP/SEAGP Participated in the Donation Activity of Tazaungdaing Festival

To celebrate Myanmar traditional festival of Tazaungdaing, Myanmar and Chinese employees of SEAOP/SEAGP performed the traditional dances together to send donations to the temple near the company on the afternoon of November 23rd, 2017.

The donation activity was headed by 26 Myanmar drivers. More than 70 Myanmar employees of security guards, cleaners, maintenance and kitchen staff took part in the donation. Chinese staff in Mandalay also participated in the activity enthusiastically and donated more than 1,200,000 Ks.

This activity donated more than 300 pieces of goods, such as cassock, umbrella, shoes used by monks in temples and the donation amount was about 3,800,000 Ks.

On November 24th, the Myanmar and Chinese staff representatives went to the temple to listen to the chanting prayers, and drew a successful end to the donation activity.